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    Efficient workflow for annual report

    Jojakeem Level 1

      I've been busy last days to make an annual report. The source file was a 100+ page Word document with lot's of tables with different content and sizes, and legal texts with multi level list styles.


      I think I got most out the importing of the Word file and converting all Word styling to the right Indesign styles, but the tables seem to be very time consuming still, as some are just text listings and others contain many numbers in various structures, sub headings and specifically highlighted cells.


      I bet there's a much more efficient workflow for this and I try to find out about it. I'm afraid I couldn't ask the financial people to start working in a XML workflow, Incopy or anything much different from the Word+Excel software they are used to. However I reckon there's a better way they could deliver the content to me, maybe by giving separate excel sheets instead of embedded tables in Word or by using stricter formatting rules?


      Ideally the workflow should also support the flexibility of linked Word/Excel files, so revised input would painlessly be updated into the formatted Indesign document.


      Does anybody has any advice, tips/tricks to make a smarter workflow for such a project?