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    RH5 Availability / permissions / RH6 and JavaHelp

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      Does anyone know if we can still get version 5 anywhere or as of today is only version 6 available? If it's 6 only, then I'll have to think twice about purchasing any new licenses for a while, since we have 12 copies of version 5.

      Also, does anyone know if they've improved things when it comes to permissions for installing RoboHelp 6? The current installation model gives our support department fits because not many people have local box admin rights and they're not supposed to give them to users outside of their department.

      Lastly, have they improved things with regards to RoboHelp and JavaHelp 2.0? With version 5, I recently needed to reinstall my copy, install all of the necessary Java runtime and JavaHelp components, create variables, and finally point RoboHelp to the correct JavaHelp folder to build a JavaHelp project, BUT I still needed to make registry edits based on a screenshot I got from RH support a few years ago. With a previous installation of x5, I don't remember needing to make any registry edits.