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    Flash Player seems to install but when trying to play tv shows it doesn't register and asks me to install again.

    oliviay29570750 Level 1

      I have a Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, i have no problem viewing videos on youtube but when i try and watch movies or tv shows streaming them off websites, it seems to come up with this message.

      'Please install flash player HD to continue (required),'

      when i click the install button it leads me to this page

      'You are currently using Apple Safari to browse the web. An outdated video player may be slowing the browser's performance.'

      i have tried using safari, firefox and google chrome and all say the same thing.

      i downloaded and installed both the flash player and the one from safari both seemed to install without a problem but when i go back and try and view the video it shows the same message.

      Please help

      Thank you