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    Loop over multiple Objects and Populate Datagrid?

    WestSide Level 1

      Any help on this would be highly appreciated. I think I am almost there.

      I am new to Flex and trying to populate this datagrid from a result that I get from a remote call. Basically I traced my result and I see the following in the console:

      [object Object],[object Object]

      Which is correct. So it appears I have an array of objects. I want to populate each row in the datagrid with the data contained in the array.

      So in my code the following is a reference to the "whole" array.


      I want to take this "employeesArray" and populate the datagrid. Or should I assign this "ApplicationState.instance.employeesArray" to some private var and then assign the private var to my datagrid as the provider??

      How can I do this?