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    abnormal slow import


      My aperture importer plugin has been working away for about 90 hours now and is still on 23% . I have asked Adobe, and posted here, and I still can't decide what to do. Should I abandon or wait?


      I am trying to import a 265GB managed aperture library into a managed lightroom catalogue which is on my main drive and the masters onto an external drive which is 1TB with 700GB remaining space. (my main mac drive has 150GB remaining and was bought in late 2013)


      My Toshiba external drive is supposed to be 3.0 USB and is currently flashing or sticking on blue light, but sometimes I notice it's a white light. I read somewhere that white means it's only going on a 2.0 speed?? But even when it's on a blue light it seems slow. At 8pm last night it went up to 21% and it's now nealry 3pm the next day and it's still on 23%. When I look on the external drive, the folder of masters is only at about 55gb so far.


      Other than the location of the masters on the external drive, i didnt get a chance to change any options, so I have no idea what previews are importing. I also don't understand if the xmp (?) lens data is importing or not. When you google for answers as a "layperson" it is incredibly difficult to get an idea of what's really happening.

      What shall I do? Abandon? I can't bear to use Aperture anymore it's so slow. I want to use Lightroom. But I can't do the imports of my folder structure one by one, I would get so confused and i dont have time. And I haven't any guarantees that this automatic plugin thing will successfully reproduce my aperture project/folder structure.... do I????


      The other question is, if my external 3.0 Toshiba drive, (bought a few months ago) is not trustworthy (because sometimes it's only operating at 2.0), should I actually be putting these on some other kind of drive? Like should I invest in a thunderbolt? To add to the annoyance I have just remembed that this particular external drive doesnt seem to work with my laptop, a macbook pro,, which is late 2008, it just doesn't even get recognised by it - so I can't take this drive with all my masters on away with me. Any clues as to what's happening here?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          While I don't have an answer for you, it's hard for me to imagine that the problem is USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0. Even if your drive is operating at USB 2.0 speeds, the problem has to be something else. The speed of your disk drive cannot cause this problem (unless the drive itself is seriously malfunctioning), and so Firewrie or Thunderbolt or whatever isn't likely to fix the issue.


          Lots of people in these forums have reported extremely slow (or the process stops part way) importing from Aperture. You might want to search for those threads.


          My aperture importer plugin has been working away for about 90 hours now and is still on 23% .

          By the way, does this mean it appears to have stopped at 23%, or does it appear to be still moving slowly and the percentage is slowly increasing?

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            Pets73 Level 1

            I've read every post about importing from Aperture to Lightroom on the internet!

            No it hasnt stopped. Amazingly it's still going, steadily...

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              Is the USB card on the main computer USB 3.0 compliant also.

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                dj_paige Level 10

                still going, slowly — I would let it go


                Naturally, there's more going on than simply transferring the photos from somewhere on one disk to somewhere else on the other disk. The Aperture "catalog" has to be "converted" to a Lightroom Catalog, and that doesn't depend on disk speed at all, and that could be where the issue lies. In addition, Lightroom has to generate previews of your images, and that doesn't depend on disk speed either.


                Since you didn't tell us how fast your CPU is, and you didn't tell us how much memory your computer has, and you didn't tell us how big a typical photo are in megapixels (not megabytes, which is useless information in this context) all I can say is that it sure sounds slow, but who knows, really?

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                  Pets73 Level 1

                  my processor speed is 2.9Ghz Intel Core i5, my memory is 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3, my graphics card is Nvdia FeForec GT 750M 1024 MB, but I have no idea what the average megapixel size is. How am I to find that out? I don't take huge photos, and I never process RAW ones. I am just as far as I know dealing in jpgs. I am an amateur.

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                    dj_paige Level 10

                    I have no idea what the average megapixel size is

                    I asked for typical size, not average. You go to one photo, and you determine how many megapixels it is (or alternatively, the pixel dimensions in width and height)

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                      Pets73 Level 1

                      well "typical" and "average" could be understood to mean the same thing in this case. I opened one image in photoshop to find out. it was 2448 x 2448, 72dpi. Taken on the iphone. Many of my pix are taken on other cameras, which may have larger dimensions.

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                        dj_paige Level 10

                        So, I admit to being stumped, I have no idea why this is taking so long, nor do I know how to determine the problem. As I said, other people have similar complaints, but I'm not aware of a solution.

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                          Pets73 Level 1

                          So ,I thought you all might like an update to my snail-pace import situation using the Aperture plugin. It was importing for a week and day and got to 31% - then unfortunately my computer suddenly crashed - I was asking it to do too many things at the same time.

                          I was interested to see how Lightroom had coped with the crash - I thought most likely Lightroom would not have managed to put in metadata or even remember any of the photos, let alone put them into correct project folders, but it has!!!


                          However - that is not of any use to me if I can't work out which photos from Aperture it has NOT YET imported, so that I can import them. After all, Aperture still has 69% of my photos still not yet imported into LIghtroom.


                          I don't know if the %31 of photos were moved or just copied out of Aperture (I have to try and check)


                          Can anyone think of a way I can now get the 69% into Lightroom manually, when I don't know exactly which they are? Otherwise Im going to get into mega confusion switching between albums in Aperture and Folder structure in Lightroom, trying to compare them!!!