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    Give us back the Zoom Marquee tool (Acrobat DC)

    Eager Beager Level 1

      So I had to crop a series of PDFs, for which I needed to zoom closer to the area of interest. To my disgust, the zoom marquee has been replaced by a "Photoshop-like" Pan and Zoom Window. This is a clunky tool that I don't even use in PhotoShop.


      Who the hell is making these decisions to remove functionality from Acrobat? Let me explain what is needed:


      1. In the toolbar, allow user to right-click and customize (such as removing unwanted buttons).

      2. Allow user to add Zoom Marquee tool. When user needs to zoom, they click the Zoom Marquee tool, and then they drag a marquee to indicate the area that should be magnified. Do you understand?


      Increasingly, I'm getting the impression that Acrobat DC is like the Metro interface for Windows 8, or the reworked Pages on the Mac. Adobe is inserting tablet and phone controls into a desktop product, which is reducing the usefulness of the Acrobat product.


      I don't understand why a tablet user would need a Pan and Zoom Window. Wouldn't a tablet user use a three-finger motion to zoom?