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    App update [iOS]


      I have an iPad air and was loving the ability to highlight, underline and add comments to a PDF. The latest app update has some funky glitches including hhighlighting everything and then undoing only a random portion of the text such as an inch wide strip from top of the page to the bottom on the right side of the doc! Right now I'm wishing I could go back to the previous version.

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          bhubauer Adobe Employee


          I'm very sorry for the problems you are experiencing.  Is this a problem with one specific PDF, or are you seeing this problem with any document?


          Bill Hubauer


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            nhskimum Level 1

            Hi, Bill,


            Thanks for getting back to me...It seems to happen on any pdf that I've

            been working with...currently 3. I learned after a few attempts at just

            touching and extending the area to highlight, that going to "comment" and

            choosing the highlight pen from the toolbar worked much better until

            today's incident. What happened today was like a really extreme version of

            the previous highlighting issues of trying to capture an exact area for

            highlighting. Undoing has not worked at all or like today, only partially.


            Can't wait for the fix!




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              bhubauer Adobe Employee

              Hi Grace,


              Do you know how to take screen shots on your iPad? (press the home button and lock button simultaneously)


              If you could make a highlight, take a screenshot, then perform the Undo and then take a screenshot of the incorrect undo result, that would be very helpful in solving this problem.

              You can attach the screenshots to a reply to this message, or, if you would rather not post those in this public forum, email them to adobereader-ios@adobe.com ATTN: Bill Hubauer




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                nhskimum Level 1

                I do know how to do screen shots however the material I'm working with is

                confidential to the organization I work for...so I can't share it. So

                sorry! But if you took a ruler and drew a one inch wide vertical column

                down the right side of the paper -- that section would be unhighlighted and

                the rest highlighted.


                Sorry but that's the best I can do!

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                  bhubauer Adobe Employee

                  HI Grace,


                  When the strange highlighting happens after an undo, if you close the document and reopen it, is the problem still there?  Also if you can reproduce the problem with a non-confidential document, that would help too.

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                    bhubauer Adobe Employee

                    I was just able to reproduce the crazy highlighting problem (where it highlights too much text).  We are looking into that.  Still nothing on the undo issue yet.

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                      nhskimum Level 1

                      Thanks for your efforts! I haven't had trouble with the undo since! Sheesh!

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                        bhubauer Adobe Employee

                        HI Grace,


                        Take a look at the attached image.  In this example I was trying to select "04 Use tools on your PDF", but as you can see the text above was also selected.


                        I didn't create the original document, but if I had to guess, the table of contents was setup as a table with the page numbers in column 1 and the titles in column 2.  Even though its not what I wanted, it makes sense that it might try to select all of the text between the 04 and the "Use tools on your PDF".


                        Do you think this might be the case in your documents where this was a problem for you?



                        Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.39.30 AM.png

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                          nhskimum Level 1

                          I suspect the doc I had trouble with also had some table elements to it but it wasn't split like your example. Picture a non highlighted section in just the right side 1 inch of text...down middle of words even....


                          Using your example, the following would have been unhighlighted after the undo, while the rest of the text remained highlighted.

                          ail or web





                          The left column of my PDF had reference pages that I'm pretty certain are in a separate column from the actual text.


                          Hope this helps!





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