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    Maya intergration?


      Do anyone know if After Effects will get the same support as with Cinema 4d just with Autodesk Maya?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. C4D integration via Cineware only exists because Maxon developed it and Adobe just hopped on the train. Unless Autodesk care to develop a similar plug-in (which they most likely won't, since few Maya users will have need for it) it's not gonna happen.



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            Heroicfield Level 1

            Okay thank you.


            To me it seems to be rather deal-breaking to not have such powerful integration. I have been debating whether I should learn C4D or Maya. Because they both offer free student versions there's no economical benefit for picking either of them.


            Most of my friends uses Maya, therefore I hoped there would be a slight chance After Effects would get the same integration for Maya as it has with C4D.


            Anyways it seems like C4D just got a whole lot more appealing. Also, do you know if C4D is more or less used in the industry compared to Maya, basically would I just waste my time learning C4D, having to learn Maya anyways?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              And what exactly? Maya is used for VFX, character animation and game development whereas C4D mostly does motion graphics for broadcast and presentations as well as all sorts of visualizations. Completely different markets, hence many Maya users don't care much for using AE in the first place. Sorry, but your post really doesn't make much sense as long as you have no idea what you are actually want to do and just saying one is more useful than the other doesn't do any justice to the facts of the reality out there. And even then - what is the point to make this dependent on Cineware integration? I've used C4D for 15 years (with occasional interruptions) and couldn't be bothered to use Cineware at all, given how limited it currently is...



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                I'd love to see it happen. Especially with MASH, I can see Maya growing as a motion graphics tool.


                The main appeal for me is the tracking, Matchmover exists but it would be really nice to cut down on the number of programs I have to use.

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                  Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                  I miss Maya.  Since I started working full time with AE I haven't had any time for Maya at all. Or Zbrush . Or anatomy .  All my time is spent grinding out hack videos