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    How to give value to a variable from a slider.




      I want to make some electrical graphical simulation. I want to move a slider from the left to the right.

      As the slider is moving the voltage will increase. It should be possible to read the voltage from a instrument as a text.
      The light intensity from a light-bulb should vary with the voltage.

      Se my "static sketch": http://nos.elfag.info/slider.svg


      Does anyone have an idea how I could get started or what I need to learn to solve this problem?


      There are no built in functions in Adobe Edge Animate that can solve this problem?


      Should all be programmed in Java script? How?


      Best reg Arne.

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          heiarne@gmail.com Level 1

          Thanks a lot Mr Preran!


          The first thing i try to find out is more or less which direction to move to be able to solve this task.


          I have made a "little bit simular" animation here in this example, but here I am using only quite basic buildt in and automatated functions in Edge Animate: Ohms-lov


          The only thing that happen in this animation is that pushing the different buttons will navigate to 5 different "frames" on the timeline.


          I understand that if I should use a slider that can give an analogue input value as a repclacement for the "pushbuttons" that I use now, then the task have to be solved in a completely different way, and the solution will have to be programmed "by hand" using JavaScript. The Java svript code will then have to be imported or copied over to the Edge Animate program. This wil then require the use of Adobe Edge Animate on a bit different level than using the automated functions for code generation.


          There is, as I understand it some more or less automated drag and drop functionality inside the Edge Animate program, but I guess it can not be used in the way as intendes ..? (I will try to look a bit into the Adobe help files ..)


          I guess that to solve this "problem" or "interesting task" I will have to first teach myself the basic functinality of Adobe Edge Animate, and then I need to improve my knowledge and skill of JavaScript programming, to be able to program "manually" those slider functions (and other functions) that is not "prebuildt" inside Adobe Edge Animate.


          I wondering if am on the right track and in the right direction now?

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            heiarne@gmail.com Level 1

            I guess that the right answer is that the Adobe Edge animate has zero "native support" for a simulation task like this.


            The practical solution would be to load the jquery library and then program the functions "manually" using JavaScript.




            What the function of the Adobe Edge program will then be a bit unclear, exept for the function of a text editor and to make
            a HTML framework for the page. The function of the Edge Animate should be somewhat simular to that of Dreamweaver.


            If there is any "buildt in" support for "technical visual simulations" in Adobe Edge so it can do something like this:

            Ohm's Law 1.2.0


            .. Then I'm wrong and please inform me.