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    lightroom 5 problem


      i have LR5 on a mac book pro with a WD external hard drive with my with my LR5 images . my problem is my external drive is corrupted .i was told by apple that my macshow the hard drive is there but it is not moumting and have to be reformat. i have to use recovery data to save my images on my external before i can refomat.iam willing to lose my images on my extenal hard drive but i would like to know can i erase my LR5 images and start over or delete LR5 and download it again

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can download and install Lightroom again. But I don't think that would be necessary. Lightroom is on your main internal hard drive, and you haven't indicated that there is a problem with that drive. All that would be necessary would be for you to start a new catalog and begin importing. If you can somehow save all of your images before you have to reformat you might even be able to use the same catalog and have all of the work remain in place. Maybe I'm not completely following your problem. But these are just a few suggestions and ideas.