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    Adobe Acrobat XI Pro: Read Out Loud Not Work Properly with Drop-Down Menus and Custom Keystroke Script Field




      In a drop-down menu, as soon as I type a JavaScript code in the Custom Keystroke Script field, a problem occurs when I activate the View > Read Out Loud feature. The text-to speech application does not work correctly. The words are pronounced with an overlapping between the items in the drop-down menu.


      Is there a way to by-pass this defect?


      Thank you.



      The bug occurs as soon as a line of JavaScript code is inserted into the Custom Keystroke Script field.



      In the drop-down menu, if I activate the View > Read Out Loud feature and I press the arrow keys in the drop-down menu, the text-to speech application pronounces badly the name of cities. The problem is the same in French and English languages.