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    Remoting Problems: Flex2, FDS, Apache, and Tomcat

    Dave Hallman
      I'm in the process of adding a Flex 2/Flex Data Services application to an application that is currently running successfully under Apache, Tomcat, JAAS and SSL. I have 3 problems:

      1. I'm losing my JAAS session credentials whenever my Flex application uses FDS (e.g. when I hit the back button I have to log in again). This only occurs when I access a remote object using FDS. If I use a Flex application without FDS I'm able to hit back and return to the page I started the app from.

      2. I cannot connect to a remote object (using FDS) when I run Tomcat on top of Apache. I get a Java exception in Tomcat stating "...No configured channel has an endpoint path /messagebroker/amf". The path listed in the exception is "/messagebroker/amf". However in my services-config.xml I've spelled out the whole URI including the HTTP and server name values. I compiled the .swf using this endpoint uri value. When running just Tomcat I'm able to access my remote object although I lose my credentials per 2 above.

      3. I'm not an expert on any of these (which means I'm probably missing something simple).