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    Question of the Day!


      What I need to do is after an employees fills in a section of a form that pertains to them and they add their digital signature, I need an email notification to be sent automatically to a specific contact stating that the signing of the document by "who ever" has been completed.


      The email message is unimportant. I'll probably change it several time before coming up with what I want to use, jut as long as I know where to put it.


      I want to use the "This script executes when field is signed:" option in adobe acrobat Pro 10

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can't send email messages automatically using a script, unless it's installed on the user's local machine.

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            JohnnyBQue Level 1

            really...so how does the SHARE tab work when you attache the form to an email...doesn't it call up the email software application currently installed on the workstation in use? where you then type in an address?...I just want to activate the email software application once the signature is place so that the notification can be sent at that point instead of the signer forgetting to let others no the document is ready for the next signer to process it without sending the actual form. The form needs to reside in a folder for others to view but not modify (at various times) so it can't be in transition other than during the signing phases. But this should be but a few minutes. My concern is if it's emailed that someone will be lagging in signing it and the signed ares want be able to be seen until the Form gets placed back into the folder...at least the updated version...I seem like I'm rambling....

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can specify all of the details of the email, but the user still needs to approve it being sent. Otherwise it would be a terrible security risk...

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                JohnnyBQue Level 1

                That I would have to agree with....Thanks...

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                  JohnnyBQue Level 1

                  What if you could set the contact that the notification email will be sent ...what I mean is...I need this form to be signed by 3 people only. when the first person signs it (the originator) a notification email get sent to the second person that needs to sign it stating... "document is ready to be signed" (they will know where is resided they only need the file name), the second person signs and same thing a notification email goes out to the third person that's required to sign it. I thought the security would be that the "personalized" digital signature that triggers this action to take place...its password protected and encrypted possibly and the email will be sent at the users workstation only (for all parties). Now is the issue of concern that the form would be located on a server? Not the individuals workstation (open there but not stored)


                  Or clicking the send button (in general) in the email application via a secondary application the issue? or just clicking the button physically?


                  I might try a "button" I think it will send the form to an email address you enter....I may need to place a button in the first two sections to be signed, with the last person signing not needing to email the form but only having to placed the form in to the folder on the server.... this may be my only option... I didn't want to have to put the form in transition but looks like I have no choice...


                  Thanks ALL...

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                    try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I'm not really following what you want to achieve, but any email generated from within a PDF has to be manually sent by the user through their email client or web-site (unless it uses a special script that is installed on their local machine, as I mentioned before).