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    iPad app last update


      After the last update the app was completely blocked and I lost all my LOCAL-documents. How is possible something like that ?!!! I want all my documents back. How can I have all local documents back ?

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          pwillener Level 8

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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



            Would you take a look at the "Selecting a file location" section in the following document?


            How to manage files in Acrobat DC for iOS


            You can change the file location to Local to find your documents that are stored on your iPad.


            Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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              Anielaadob Level 1



              Yes of course, there are 3 - local files, recent files and cloud.  I have all my files on LOCAL FILES IPad ( for last 3 years)

              I can see only on cloud (recent files ) BUT NON THE FILES BEFOR 12/12/2014.  ll files saved 2 years before or 1 year before are disappear.

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                MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

                Sorry for the confusion.


                So far, we have not heard from other users that Acrobat DC had deleted existing files.  The Acrobat DC for iOS users find their "lost" files when they switch the file location to Local.


                Have you uninstalled Reader/Acrobat DC app recently?  If you did, iOS (the operating system, not Acrobat DC) has erased the app data (including your PDF documents).


                You can use the desktop version of iTunes (or other apps such as iExplorer or iFunBox) and view the files and folders inside the Acrobat DC app on your iPad.


                How to backup and restore PDF documents on iPad/iPhone using iTunes


                If you have the full backup of your iPad, you can restore it to recover the files.  But your backup may not have included all of the recent files.


                Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to determine what had actually happened to your files on your iPad without inspecting it in person.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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                  Anielaadob Level 1

                  After the update ( yesterday ) the iPad app was completely blocked. That's what happened. I don't understand why I can see on recent file only some local different files until 12/12/2014 and not before this date ?!


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                    Anielaadob Level 1

                    I have an account (plus I pay for some optional) , why I couldn't see a chronology of ALL files saved ?!? Why I can see the same local files saved until 12/12/2014 and not before  ... in case of crash by updates and app block ????!!!


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                      Anielaadob Level 1

                      All iOS app where is required an account doesn't lost any kind of files ever, by the beginning, only in case the user decide to cancel the account. ( app like google drive, Dropbox, box, cloudon ...etc.)  In case of app block or  crash ( uninstall for block icon app) Never happened something like this I always recover the file because of ID APP account, and not with iTunes...


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                        Anielaadob Level 1

                        For me seems like you don't have yet the archives or lost it, of AllFiles on cloud before these date. Because I can see file that I already canceled 2 weeks ago in LocalFile (on IPad) and after crash doesn't exit anymore on IPad !!!!!!  I never uninstall the app before yesterday when crashed and iPad App was completely block !!!!!


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