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      I have Adobe Acrobate app on my ipad and I cant create a file. Why?

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          bhubauer Adobe Employee



          Acrobat lets you view documents and edit / annotate existing PDF files. Other than using one of the conversion tools (Export PDF or Create PDF), Acrobat doesn't create new files.


          Export PDF lets you convert an existing PDF file to a new format (Microsoft Word, for example).  Create PDF lets you convert a non-PDF file to a PDF (Make a PDF file from an image, or MS Word file, for example)


          Please let me know if this answers your question.



          Bill Hubauer


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            smfwood Level 1


            So are you saying I can't create a PDF file at all from scratch? Do I need a computer with Adobe loaded to do this?

            It's looking like I am limited with what I can do with Adobe on my ipad.

            Yes, the answers you gave confirmed what I already thought about Export PDF or Create PDF