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    catalog question


      I keep all my photos on an external hard drive (USB connected), and every few months I back them up onto CDs. I've got a "photos" folder, under which I have a folder for the month and year the shot was taken. In order to not gobble up so much room, I installed LR on my internal hard drive, just accepting the default location.  I had a minor issue last night when I loaded the software - where to put this thing called "catalog". I was going to put it on the external drive in the "photos" folder, but I believe I hit a wrong selection, and I *think* it ended up in the default location.  1) Does it matter where this is? 2) Will my folder structure on the external drive mess me up? 3) If it matters where this is located, do I have to uninstall and reinstall LR?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          1) The only way it matters is that it will run better on your fastest drive, but some people put it on an external drive for portability .. but I would NOT put it in the same folder as your photos (Your photos definitely go on the external drive)


          2) Folder structure is pretty much irrelevant to using Lightroom. Folder structure is whatever you want it to be. Done properly, everything works right. Don't move or rename your photos or folders outside of Lightroom


          3) No it doesn't matter, but ... Uninstalling/re-installing LR rarely solves anything, it never solves catalog issues, and so no, you shouldn't have to do this except in extremely rare situations.

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            dbruno Level 1

            Thanks, dj. That helps.