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    Mac shortcuts (OSX Yosemite) stop working after Edge Animate runs for a while


      When I first open up an Edge animation file all my shortcuts work fine, such as Command-S to save.

      After the software has been running for a while all my OSX shortcuts stop working and I have to copy, paste and save from the File menu instead.

      When I restart the program it all goes back to normal for a short while and then they stop working again.


      Some more info in case it's helpful:

      • My current project is based around animating SVG shapes (character animation).
      • I'm running Yosemite OSX.
      • Adobe Edge 2014.1.1 is the version I'm using
      • It crashes consistently but pops up a  'save your work' message first. I'd say at least once a day if I don't restart frequently enough.
      • I restart about every hour or so as I'm working.
      • My OSX shortcuts work fine in other software such as Photoshop, this is specific to Edge

      My hardware is as follows:


        Model Name: MacBook Pro

        Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,1

        Processor Name: Intel Core i7

        Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz

        Number of Processors: 1

        Total Number of Cores: 4

        L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

        L3 Cache: 8 MB

        Memory: 16 GB


      Just putting this up here in case any other Edge users on Mac have noticed anything similar.