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    Duplicates From An iPhoto Import

    gregnm Level 1

      I think I’ve got duplicates, and a lot of them.


      I’m brand new to Lightroom and use v. 5.7.1. I previously used iPhoto. My file structure was that many photos were within the iPhoto Library and managed from it.  But, I also have a large number of photos in about 20 other subfolders to the Pictures folders and elsewhere.  They may also be managed by iPhoto but I’m not 100% sure. As I got started in Lightroom, I used the Plug-in Extra “Import From iPhoto Library” from within Lightroom to import images. There were about 5,000 images.  Being concerned the outside folders hadn’t been included in the import, I imported those too in the normal way. Between the two imports I then had a total of about 13,000 images.  That’s when the duplicate concern came up.  It seems there are some. As I tried to begin working in Lightroom, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was working on the sole copy of the image or one of several.


      And so, I’d like to clean up the file structure and remove duplicates before getting down to business of learning and using Lightroom any further. 


      Goals: 1) Find and delete duplicate pictures, 2) Create a clear folder structure under the Pictures master folder, 3) Place all images into the master folders and place one image – the only copy of it – into the new folders, 4) delete iPhoto entirely.


      My concern is that I will mess up the Lightroom imports I’ve already completed or that Lightroom won’t be able to find them.  Since I haven’t gotten far into Lightroom, I wouldn’t be opposed to deleting all of my work and imports to Lightroom and starting with a blank canvas.


      For now I’ve stopped trying to do anything in Lightroom for fear of ending up with a further confused structure and more duplicates. 


      Any help much appreciated.