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    Can't connect either Kindle Fire device "Connection unsuccessful, please try again."

    tstmmr Level 1

      I am unable to connect either Kindle fire device, an older 7" Fire, nor a newer 8.9 HDX. Computer is 64bit OS running Windows 7 Pro SP1  The Edge Inspect icon is showing in my notification area, so Edge Inspect is Running. The Edge Inspect Icon in Chrome is "waiting for a connection:. I ran netstat -a | find ":7682" in a command prompt window (running as admin) and got the following results

      TCP        mary-J6GTBT1:0          LISTENING

      TCP    mary-J6GTBT1:49865    ESTABLISHED

      TCP    127.0.0,1:49865    mary-J6GTMT1:7682    ESTABLISHED

      For security, ESET Smart Security 8 shows EdgeInspect.exe LISTENING at but 0 B sent and received. I disabled all other extensions in Chrome. Since neither device will connect, and both connect to the internet just fine, it seems like it has to be a setting in my network or my computer. I did try reinstalling the Edge Inspect app from the Kindle Store on both devices, but no love. I've run out of ideas to try. Just to be clear, I've never been able to get Edge Inspect going, today is the first time I've made a concentrated effort to get it working. I've tried connecting by tapping on my computer on my network, and by entering the IP address, neither works on either device.