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    Merged child project’s TOC not appearing in parent project’s TOC

    RoboFan Level 1
      System Information
      Windows XP Professional, SP2
      Windows Explorer 6.0
      RoboHelp X5.0.2
      Generating RoboHelp HTML Help (.chm)

      I had the following Help projects:

      1. CombinedProductHelp.chm (parent project)
      2. ProductHelp.chm (child 1 project)
      3. ProductBestPracticesHelp.chm (child 2 project)

      The parent project is a very small Help project that is used as a place in which to merge the two child projects. I was able to add the two child projects to the parent project’s TOC in the RoboHelp HTML TOC editor, seemingly without any problem. The problem arose when I generated the .chm output for the merged projects; upon opening the parent project’s .chm file, I discovered that the Child 1 project’s TOC wasn’t appearing in the TOC. The Child 2 project’s TOC appeared just fine. I was able to retrieve topics from the Child 1 project using the Search function and index – I just couldn’t use the TOC.

      After a bit of trial and error, I discovered that the problem was the result of the file names I had chosen for the Parent project (CombinedProductHelp.chm) and the Child 1 project (ProductHelp.chm). For some unknown reason, if the ENTIRE file name that’s used for a child project is identical to a PART of file name that’s used for a parent project, the child project’s TOC will not appear in the merged TOC. I've used underscores to "right-justify" the problematic file name to more clearly illustrate this:


      You can resolve the issue by renaming either file. Any ONE of the following examples will resolve the issue:

      * Insert a letter (other than “d”) in front of “ProductHelp.chm” (e.g., SProductHelp.chm)
      * Insert a letter between “p” and “.” of “ProductHelp.chm” (e.g., ProductHelpS.chm)
      * Insert a letter in the “ProductHelp” portion of “CombinedProductHelp.chm” (e.g., CombinedProducXtHelp.chm)

      In the example above, renaming the “CombinedProductHelp.chm” to “CombinedHelp.chm” resolved the issue; both child project TOCs now appear in the parent .chm TOC.