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    EHD crashed; need help on my LR3 catalog; syncing two EHDs

    Kristy Damron

      I am on LR3 and have all my photos on an EHD (organized Year>Month>DateAndEventName).  My LR3 program and LR catalog are on my MacBook Pro HD.  My EHD crashed and I had to have data recovery done on it.  Since I received back the new EHD, hundreds of the pictures are not in the right folders and have no metadata except the date that the recovery was done as the creation date.  It has taken me weeks to sort through all the photos and reorganize them the best I could, but many of the folders do not have the same folder name or even the same photos in there.  My question is this:  Should I start over, erase the LR program and catalog from my HD, reinstall LR and create a new catalog by importing all the photos on the EHD through LR so it can create a new catalog?  I know I'll lose any edits I've done to some of the files in LR previously but I'm okay with that.  I compiled ALL my photos from many places and now they are all on this one EHD so I want a new, complete catalog.  Is this the right way to go about this?  PLEASE HELP!!  I am in such a quandary!?!  Kristy

      PS...I was also thinking about finding a syncing software so I can sync this new EHD with a newly purchased EHD so I have a backup copy that's up to date if this ever happens again!  Does anyone out there do this??