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    Not deleting from disk

    markalanthomas Level 1

      I just noticed that in the Finder my Lightroom folders contain hundreds more photos than Lightroom thinks are really in there. I always tell Lightroom to remove rejected photos from disk whenever I delete rejects, but apparently it hasn’t been doing it for some time, at least not consistently. My file system is good. Lightroom’s catalog is good. Syncing the folder doesn’t find anything, yet there are huge discrepancies between what Lightroom thinks is there and what really is.


      Any ideas?

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          I just noticed the same. I delete the photo from the catalog and disk according to the Delete option in Lightroom 6. The photo disappears from Lightroom. If I look into the folder where the photo is stored, however, the photo is still there. The odd thing is that I see the photo I selected for deletion in the Recycle Bin. I empty the Recycle Bin but the photo also remains in the folder.

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            Designerdeb17 Level 1

            I am having same issue. I notice the dialog box changed as well. It no longer offers the "delete from disk" option, just the catalog.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
              I notice the dialog box changed as well. It no longer offers the "delete from disk" option, just the catalog

              Most likely this is because the photo being deleted is "missing", that is, it is not at its original location in your folders when it was imported into the catalog.  This is indicated by an "!" in the upper-right corner of its thumbnail in Library:


              And when you delete the photo, you'll get the following:


              You'll need to reconnect the catalog with the current locations of these missing files, as described here: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders