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    Edge of movie-rollout solution needed

      This problem has cropped up a few times for me so I figured I'd check here if anyone has a solution. I'm working on a promo bar for a web site, and part of it has a trapezoid-shaped dropdown. Two of the four sides are adjacent to the edge of the flash movie.

      You can see the flash in action here: www.citrusstudios.com/annenberg/comps/0908/home3a.html
      I'm referring to the 4 grey buttons on the right hand side (communications, journalism, etc.)

      Desired effect: When one rolls out of the grey trapezoid area, the dropdown menu should revert to the closed state.

      Current solution: I have a big invisible button beneath and surrounding the the trapezoid area with

      on (rollOver) {
      gotoAndPlay ("closedropdown");

      Current effect: This works fine if the user rolls their mouse onto any part of the movie (up or left), but since the area lays on the edge of the movie, if they mouse over the right or bottom edge of the trapezoid, the menu gets stuck. I added two thin buttons on either side, but they don't like this solution.

      Question: Is there a condition I can refer to for when the user mouses out of the movie?