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    preloader loops infinitely

    AMULI Level 4

      Hi everybody,


      I am updating an Edge 4 project. Opening it with Edge 5 has generated a <project_name>_upgraded. It contains <project_name>_edge.js and <project_name>_edgeActions.js, but no <project_name>_edgePreload.js anymore. How can I make Edge 5 generate this file ? Or is the preloader now handled by the other two JS files ?


      What is puzzling me : locally, my project runs fine in the browser without that <project_name>_edgePreload.js file ; but on the server, the preloader loops infinitely :-(


      Any idea ? Thanks



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          VivekP Adobe Employee



          Yes you are correct. with the latest version of edge animate   Pre-loader is handled by other 2 files..

          As you have mentioned that the upgraded edge project Pre-loader is if functioning fine locally it means there is no issue with the codes.


          Please remove your animation completely from the  webpage and insert it again. (After a fresh Publishing from the upgraded project)

          If the issue till persist then i would like to know the page URL and also about the software you are using to insert animation to page ? Muse or DW?




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            AMULI Level 4

            Thanks Vivek for your quick answer. Indeed, simply removing the preloader and inserting it again solved the problem.


            Another thing to mention about the upgraded Edge 5 project : it doesn't copy the original folder. My project has a bunch of JPG files in an images subfolder, as well as PDF files in a text subfolder. In the upgraded project, the images subfolder only contained the few files that are instanciated in the timeline. All the JPG files that are instanciated by the jQuery code were missing ; and the whole text subfolder was missing as well.


            After duplicating the original images and text subfolder, Edge 5 crashed many times, asking me to save (which was impossible : alert displaying "Unknown C++ exception") and relaunch. I finally succeeded, but do not remember what made the difference :-)



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              Phildsb Level 1

              As you may be aware Vivek, there's a long thread on this problem:

              Re: Preloader freezes randomly - Problem reported by several users in this forum.


              It would be useful if all these queries (and possible solutions) were in one place.