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    How do I stream to appletv?


      I  am considering subscribing to the Creative Cloud in order to use Lightroom 5 to edit and organize my photos (I used to use Aperture and the editing tools in the Apples Photos app are not sufficiently robust). However I must be able to stream my photos to AppleTV. How do I do this?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Some options:


          - Via Home Sharing: Configure the Apple TV to do Home Sharing with your computer.  Make a folder "Apple TV" and configure iTunes to share pics in that folder (and its subfolders), using File > Home Sharing > Choose Photos To Share With Apple TV.   Export the pics you want to view from LR to subfolders of "Apple TV".


          - Via Airplay from your computer: Turn on Airplay on your computer to share its screen with your Apple TV.  Then run LR and display the photos in LR, and they'll be shared with the Apple TV.


          - Via Airplay from an iPad running Lightroom Mobile: Sync the desired LR collections with LR Mobile.    Run LR Mobile on the iPad and share its screen with the Apple TV via Airplay.


          There are probably other variants as well.

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            Thanks John. I will give it a try.




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