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    I lost my serial number FlashCs5 pro


      I have Flash Cs5 pro for many years. I followed all the procedures for updating and at the time it happened smoothly. However, today, when I try to open the program, a window appears asking me the number of update. I no longer have this number, I lost many files when my previous PC broke. So I'm living this problem, every time ask me the number and I have not. And I can not open the program, I have a multitude of client work, projects to complete and can not use the program. I do not remember it at the time got the FlashCs5 pro, made my entry in the Adobe website. This must have been about six years, I can not remember, pis migrated Flash 8 to this and the worst, I can not upgrade to Flash 8 I have in CS5. Very critical situation. Please count on your help.

      Paulo Pinheiro