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    Digital Editions 4.0 crashed upon startup


      Suddenly Digital Editions is crashing every time I start the application. I have deleted all data in AppData related to digital editions, including in Local\Adobe_Systems_Incorporate as suggested in other posts. I have re installed Digital Editions, renamed my folder "My Digital Editions," rebooted my computer, and turned off my firewall. Nothing seems to help.

      I need digital editions to read e-books related to my school work since all the ebooks from the library use DRM - well, most, anyway. Please help!


      I am using Windows 8 (not 8.1) x64 Home Premium or whatever the version is called in Windows 8 (Home I guess?) I haven't deleted registry keys related to the application, but I am ready to try that next. I am using the latest 4.0.3 version of Digital Editions.



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          shreya Adobe Employee



          Please try the following steps:


          1. First ensure ADE is not open.

          2. Rename "My Digital Editions" folder.

          3. Launch ADE, (now ADE should automatically create a new "MY Digital Editions" folder under C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Digital Editions

          4. If this folder is created, try to move the books one by one from renamed folder to new My Digital Editions folder


          Reason for the crash may be, any one of the books is corrupted and causing the crash when ADE is trying to read the book.


          Hope this helps !!