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    Issue with Adobe Creative Cloud website / account software making unauthorized changes and charges


      Has anyone logged onto the Adobe Website for their Creative Cloud suite, then exited the site without making any changes, then finding out that Adobe has cancelled your month-to-month subscription to their Creative Cloud suite and and illegally billed your credit card for a 1-year prepaid software suite?


      This has happened to us and we are disputing the $638.87 charge to our credit card.  Adobe has provided to our bank a falsified invoice to our bank and their representative told me that we were wrong.  The billing software would never allow the transaction to go through unless you type in a credit card number.  In fact, this Customer Service Rep (offshore), was very rude.  Because we had a month-to-month subscription to Adobe's CC suite for approximately $50/ month, Adobe had our credit card info stored.  So they used this to create this fake invoice.

      Bottom line, why would we change from a relatively inexpensive month-to-month subscription to a 1-year pre-paid situation.  This makes NO logical sense.  However the offshore support team and their billing software people are trying to cover their tails with respect to this serious issue.


      When I attempted to discuss this with Adobe's Customer Service Rep, she basically said that her supervisor was simply too busy to speak to me, then hung up.

      Truly, truly NOT impressed.