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    AI without Cloud




      i am already an Adobe customer, and i think about buying most recent versions of AI, etc. However, i realized, that i can only purchase subscriptions of so called cloud services.


      So here is my question: Am i refused purchasing and using most recent versions of Adobe products, when i don't want to use the cloud services (or when i am not even allowed to connect to Adobe cloud services)?


      Here is why i cannot use the Adobe cloud:


      1.) I do not agree with the Adobe Cloud TOU/AGB

      2.) I don't trust Adobe security - neither product security of stand-alone programs, nor Adobe online services


      Actually, i do agree with the TOU of standalone software products that are not depending on cloud-services.







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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you need not store any files on adobe servers when you license and use adobe products.  and you can't store any of adobe's installed programs on adobe servers.


          in fact, you only need to be connected to the internet to initially download and install your programs and then once every 30+ days so adobe can check that your subscription is up-to-date.


          in particular, the installed programs are on your computer, not adobe's.  the files used and produced by adobe's programs are on your computer (and anywhere else you transfer them, but you need not use adobe's cloud storage).