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    Master Page Background Images


      Hi there!


      I am trying to add different background images to the body of my topics. Since I want different backgrounds for different topics would created different master pages be the best option for that? If I do that I have the code in html as the following:


      <body <div="" style="background-image: url(robohelpdesigndemoonly2.png);

      width: 900px; height: 900px; background-repeatd: no=repeat;">


      I know very little about HTML coding so this is what I managed to gather from examples on the internet. Is this correct? Because whenever I preview the topic it is zoomed in but when I preview the file in IE it shows up just fine. I didn't know if there was an easy way to fix that or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          When I want an image as a watermark, I head for the CSS file. Edit it in RoboHelp, then from the Styles dialog, click Other to expand it, followed by Background + Text (BODY).


          Now click the Format button in the lower left corner and choose Borders and Shading...


          This should produce the Borders and Shading dialog. Click the Shading tab, then choose an image to use. You will want to click the Center option for the X and Y values.


          If I wanted different images for different topic types, I'd have multiple copies of the CSS file with each configured for a different image.


          Cheers... Rick

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            sabrinac36569520 Level 1

            Thank you, Rick, for that helpful hint! That was way easier than trying to understand the html coding and playing around with that.


            I do have another question though. If I wanted this picture to take up the whole page (no scrolling). When I insert the image it only shows part of the image. Does that mean that I have to make the original picture smaller?