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    No Access to the Develop Module


      About Jan 2013 I bought a perpetual license of LR.


      I installed in on my desktop and laptop.  All worked fine until I tried the trial version of CC.  After the 30 days I did not buy.


      At which point the laptop version started giving me an error message to the effect of the title of this question.


      In searching for solutions, I resorted to uninstalling it.  However, now, I find that I cannot reinstall, and am only given options to purchase CC.


      Looking at my account, there is no record of having ever purchased LR.  No product with a serial number.


      Yet my desktop version continues to work.  I have tried to reregister from the desktop version, and it goes through, but does not appear in my Adobe account.


      How do I get my license back?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uninstall LR CC via normal OS functions (or perhaps in the CC App) and reinstall the latest update to LR 5.7.1 non-CC:



          What is happening is the CC-licensed LR replaced the serial-number-licensed LR and you just have to put the old one, back.  The CC-licensed LR was never licensed so is now disabled.

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            richardhuggins Level 1

            Thanks for this.  It has helped, but I have the problem of not knowing my serial number, which sounds dodgy, but I can't find any email with it.  As i say the desktop version works fine, there is a serial number in the registration form but it is all dots.  Is there any way of getting it if I can show some proof of purchase?

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              richardhuggins Level 1

              I am sorry, but I am finding this very frustrating.  I have seen advice on another forum which says that all I need to do is re-register my product in the Lightroom on my desktop, and it should appear in my adobe account.  I have done so, and still does not show up with the serial number. 


              Interestingly, on firing up LR on my desktop today, I got an update alert.  Clicking on it sent me to the main LR website inviting to download (guess what) LR CC.  It strikes me that at every turn, Adobe are trying to put pressure on its customers not to continue with the perpetual license and turn to CC instead.  I have no requirement for CC. 


              So we have a situation where Adobe are applying all sorts of pressure on its customers to at least try out CC, who do so, and then find their serial numbers and original product registration wiped out.  Apparently hoping to bully customers into buying CC.


              Very shabby business practices.  Who do I complain to?

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                dj_paige Level 10

                I don't know who you can complain to, and there's almost no chance that it will make any difference anyway. Adobe isn't going to change its practices.


                As ssprengel explained, its easy to get your old Lightroom back, just follow his instructions. The problem where you can't find your serial number can be fixed by finding a file on your computer whose name ends with .lrreg and then opening it, the serial number is in there. (And by the way, in my opinion, it is your responsibility, not Adobe's to keep track of your serial numbers)


                If you don't want the CC version of Lightroom 6, you don't have to purchase it, you can purchase the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6 at Products

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                  richardhuggins Level 1

                  I just wanted my old LR5 back, and possibly upgrade to LR6, not purchase it outright.  Its a scam.


                  Fortunately, I came across another useful post on the matter by ssprengel (wish he had mentioned it earlier).


                  Steve Sprengel 5 months ago


                  Look for an .lrreg file on the computer that has LR 5 working on it.


                  There should be one for any version of LR installed on the computer, even if that version of LR has been uninstalled. It is a text file and if you open it with a text editor, Inside you'll find the LR serial number for the version of LR the file has in its name.

                  That did it, and I got my serial number back.  Despite reregistering it on my laptop, Adobe refuse to show this product as registered on the website. 


                  As I said, its very shabby.