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    Data merge printing help

    Forsythcc Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I need help! I design a newsletter using inDesign CS6 CC. My newsletter is 20 pages long, and is mailed out to about 1000 people. I would like to be able to create a data merge so that I don't have to hand label each newsletter. When I create the data merge and export the file to PDF I get one large document. I have figured out a way to split the PDF document into 1000 individual records, but trying to print this is a nightmare.


      Is there a way to create a data merged document in CS6 CC and somehow tell the program to print the document into 20 page booklets instead of trying to print a booklet that is thousands of pages.


      I am not apposed to doing this through inDesign or Acrobat Pro - or something else in the CC family.


      Thanks again for any help that can be provided.



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          MW Design Level 5

          Hello Eleni,


          The way I do this is to have a single newsletter printed. I hand over the merge file to either that print establishment if they can handle the VDP (variable data processing) or to another print establishment that does VDP and have them do the personalization with the merge file.


          Are you printing this in-house or having it printed?



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            Forsythcc Level 1

            Hi Mike.


            Thanks for your response. Sadly, I print this in-house. My copier is a Sharp MX7040 and we do NOT have a fiery server. This is not a huge deal, however, it looks better when the names are printed instead of labels and it saves time.



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              MW Design Level 5



              Yeah, being printed right on the copy looks best. Second best are clear labels or custom labels printed in the same color (or a tint thereof) as to where they will be located. I think if I needed to do this, I would simply use custom labels if for no other reason that it still looks like an effort was made. Another reason so as to save print-processing time. But if the time isn't an issue, and your in-house print device can handle it, pushing batches of the split PDFs might be possible...if someone could then deal with all the shuffle and hassle.



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                Forsythcc Level 1

                Ugh. I wish this was easier, either way its gonna take time. In a way, I am glad that I wasn't missing the boat on anything, but, I am kinda bummed that there wasn't some big secret out there on how to do this.


                Thanks for you help!!



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                  MW Design Level 5

                  Just thinking here...


                  The way VDP processing works when the personalization is only the "mail to" data is the cover side is printed separately with the VDP, collated with the remainder and then bound using whatever method. If such a scheme would work for you and your print device, then the 1000 page cover PDF that also contains the inside cover as well) is ran and inserted as a slip sheet between the remainder. Then the finishing is done...automatic folding and staple binding being used? Otherwise the folder and stapling ran as a second process, or even farmed out.



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                    Forsythcc Level 1

                    I took your advice! I printed the cover with the variable data as a separate document and then I printed the remainder of the newsletter as normal, except the first and last page were blanks. I told the copier to pull from one tray for the cover (that was already printed) and another tray for the rest of the booklet and it worked great.


                    It took a bit of time to get it all set up and working just how I wanted it to... but its working!! Doing it this way also saves time on sending the file to the copier since the big file is only two pages long.


                    Thanks again for your help!

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                      MW Design Level 5

                      Eleni, good to hear it worked!


                      Best regards, Mike