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    Header/Footer Appearing on Title Page




      In RoboHelp 11, every time I generate Printed Documentation (Word), my master page header/footer appears on the Title Page. It doesn't appear on RoboHelp's default title page, but it appears when I use a topic as a Title Page or when I navigate to a Word doc Title Page in Print Document Section Layout.


      In the Print Document General - Content section, Multiple Header/Footer, <Default Title Page>, I select <None> for First Page (Apply to all pages in the section).


      In the Print Document Section Layout, I thought RoboHelp automatically rendered anything placed above the TOC as the Title Page, but for some reason, it's seeing my Topic Title Page and/or Word doc Title Page as just another page in the document and adding the header/footer to it.


      I think the last version of RoboHelp I used awhile back was 8 or 9, but I don't recall ever having this trouble adding a Title Page to a Printed document.


      Please help me troubleshoot this.


      Thank you!