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    using variable to create a "cartoon strip"

    Social Psyence Level 1
      Ok, here's my situation. It's a bit complicated to explain, but probably does not have a complicated answer, so please bear with me.

      I'm developing a script that will allow the user (who happen to be 2nd grade students) to create their own cartoon strips. This is how I'd like it to function:

      The user sees a screen with four images that have some sort of visual relationship with each other. The student can arrange these pictures by dragging them into a zone of rectangles numbered 1, 2, and so on. This will determine the sequence the pictures will appear in for the next part of the activity. The student then hits an "OK" button that will move the user forward.

      Depending on which of the images they chose to be #1, the user will see a screen with just that image appearing. To the side they will have some cartoon "speech balloons", which will be their own dragable movie clips that can be placed on top of the images. These speech bubble movie clips will have an area inside them that will allow the user to enter text. After the user has positioned the speech bubble where they want, and have entered their text into the bubble, they hit the OK button to move forward. This process will repeat itself for the 2nd imaged, the 3rd, and so on.

      After the student has finished this process with the four images and speech balloons, they will be presented with a screen which displays all four of the images in the sequence they selected, with the speech balloons positioned where they had been placed earlier, containing the text they had entered during the previous steps. The student will then hit a print button to show their work.

      I had first looked into whether Flash was able to do "screen grabs" to be saved as .jpgs, but found out this could not be done without 3rd party add-on software which I'm unwilling to purchase at this point. So the other solution seems to me that certain variables need to be saved and retrieved for later.

      The variables would be, the names of the images which had initially been selected randomly, the order which the students selected them to appear, the ._x and ._y values of the speech balloons, and finally the text that was contained within them. I know this can be done, but I'm an ActionScript newbie and am not sure how to write this in a way that it will work.

      I'm already familiar with how to randomly fetch an image (or series of images), and I'm also familiar with how to load Movie Clips onto the stage, and I also know how to create the dragable movie clips. It's the storing and passing of the variables that I'm going to need some help with. Any brave volunteers willing to offer me some starting advice? Would it be more helpful if I first had an .fla file with the basic elements in place? Please advise, any information will be very helpful to me!

      Thank you.