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    Activation problem with Lightroom (in Yosemite - Mac)


      I'm trying to activate permanently Lightroom on my new iMac. I fill in information in the windos, serial, address, etc. The application starts but tells me that the activation could not be completed. This happens everytime I use Lightroom. I hope that ther is a simple and logic solution to solve this annoying situation.

      I had a chat with some Adobe representative who aske me to create a new user and try again. I did : same problem, it did not solve anything.

      He also told me to clean my permissions (in Disk utility), which I did. Again, it did not solve the problem.

      I'm facing the eventuality of uninstalling Ligthroom and reinstall it again but I'm not sure which preferences (caches, etc.) I should erase...

      As a photographer, I need to be able to use this application -- that's why I bought it -- to develop my photos, not to reinstall and re-activate the application everytime I need to use it!

      I would appreciate any possible help and I am grateful for your attention!