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    flash scrollpane doesnt work

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      Hi all.

      I imported a swf-file (not linked) into my director project. This swf
      contains a scrollpane with another swf as content.

      As i publish to a projector all works fine.

      As i publish to web the scrollpane does not work.(this is the same for
      movieclips with loadmovie!)

      Any hints,tips?

      Best regards,


      PS: I use director version mx 2004 10.1 and istalled the latest player

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          If a Flash .swf if fully imported into a Director movie it won't be able
          to relate to any external .swf files. When a Flash movie plays by itself
          and needs to load in a new movie or data, it reaches out to the next
          level, a server, or a drive's content. When a fully imported Flash movie
          plays from a Director movie, that next level is now the Director movie,
          and so the communication with an external file fails.

          In order to keep this relationship between the Flash files, you need to
          link, and not fully import the Flash .swf to your Director movie.

          Also be sure that the external .swf files are in the correct relative
          location on the server.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert