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    cant open any old pdf with the adobe acrobat dc [Android]


      I recently updated my adobe reader to adobe acrobat dc and since then I cannot open any old pdf files in my phone. The new ones I download open just fine,  but the old ones have just disappeared. The only files I can see are those I have downloaded after updating the app and listed in the Recent page.


      I tried open my old pdf files by clicking on the floating folder icon in the Recent page, which brings me to my downloads folder in my phone. After clicking on an old pdf file, a dialogue will open saying that adobe will create a local copy of the document. After I click continue, it will say that the file cannot be accessed, and ask me to check the location or the network (the pdf files were those the app listed on the downloads folder on my phone). I have also tried to open them from my phone's own download manager. It will first tell me the file cannot be found, in which I will redownload it, but then the app says that it can't be opened because it is not a valid pdf file. How can that be true when it opened just fine before I updated the app?  All my old pdf files are also not detected automatically by the app, which was the one feature I loved so much about the old version of Adobe reader. What must I do to open my old pdf files that are in my phone?


      my phone is a Samsung galaxy s4.

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          KhanMehwish Adobe Employee

          Are you trying to open the documents from the Downloads tab as shown below?

          Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-17-35 copy.png

          If that is the case, it is possible you are trying to open the files which were previously downloaded and no longer exist on your device. To open the files which actually exist on your device, you can go to the Internal Storage tab which exists below the Download tab. The Internal storage tab will show the folders available. Go to the downloads folder in the internal storage tab and then to the 'Adobe Reader' or 'Adobe Acrobat' folder and you can find the files there.