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    Type tool sometimes won't select with double or triple clicks

    Emmie50706971 Level 1

      Has anyone else experienced this tiny hangup with the Type Tool:

      1. Nothing is selected on the InDesign document
      2. Switch from the Selection Tool to the Type Tool (either with shortcut or by using the Tool palette)
      3. Click in an existing text frame at the spot that needs editing; observe the blinking cursor (if your computer is set to do so)
      4. Double- or triple-click in the same spot—but instead of the word or line being selected, the cursor stays where it is, blinking

      If I'm going from text frame to text frame without switching away from the Type Tool, selecting with double- or triple-clicks works fine in each text frame.


      This is so minor that I blush to mention it, yet it makes me feel better when someone says, "Me, too!"


      (2011 iMac, OS 10.8.5, CC/InDesign 2014.2)