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    How do I uninstall CS3


      I'm running CS3 Design Standard on a MacBookPro with OSX10.9.5.


      Out of the blue my CS3 spell checker is not working. It opens with a green check and I click start, nothing happens and the checkmark remains green. I've tested it by intentionally misspelling words and nothing happens. I've searched remedies for this and have dumped preferences and yes, I've checked and everywhere English:USA is the assigned language (the correct one).


      My online research suggest a re-install and that's my plan. However when I go to Applications>Utilities>Adobe Installers and click "Add or Remove In Design Standard" I am asked for my password, which I enter, and then NOTHING HAPPENS!


      So CS3 spell check is not working and I can't uninstall! Totally bumfuzzled! Help?


      I'm OK to leave the install alone (though I'm also getting the dreaded "Hyphenation may change" message when opening the program) if I can fix the spell check problem.