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    Acrobat XI unlocking verified signatures


      We are using an external signature pad (Signature Gem) to have patients sign documents that exist in their electronic chart. Once the signature pad has been used, the chart becomes locked.  We are no longer able to add, edit or delete any item from the chart.  We are using Acrobat Standard XI.  How do I change this setting so that we can utilize the external signature pad and continue to modify the chart?  Thanks!

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          IsakTen-RwIoo2 Level 4

          A digital signature can be locked. It looks like your signature is. Do you get the standard Acrobat's "Sign" dialog, like this one (this one is from Acrobat DC, but in Acrobat XI it is similar):

          If you do, then look at the "Lock Document After Signing" check box. If it is checked then the created signature will be locked. Uncheck this check box. If you do not get this dialog when signing, then which dialog, if any, you get? It is possible that the software behind your signature pad forces created signature to be locked. In this case you need to ask the signature pad vendor for instructions.

          The other possibility is that your PDF is certified and certification permissions do not permit actions that you want to apply. But in this case you wouldn't be able to perform these actions before signing either, which from your description is not the case.