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    Why does the ElemntsAutoAnalyzer13 have to run so often?

    drooling piston

      My computer fans would spin up when I'm not at the computer at all. Then I found this auto analyzer running and using 30-50% of the processor. APEL13 is not even opened or running. I told it to end task in the task manager.

      what is this doing for me?

      Can I disable this from the start up?

      If I need it will it open/start when I open APEL13?

      Thanks for your help!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          drolling piston


          Did you disable the AutoAnalyzer feature in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1 workspace?


          See Elements Organizer 13/13.1 workspace, Edit Menu/Preferences/Media-Analzysis and all the options under that category.

          Have you been there and done that?  Then if you should need it, consider the "on demand" way...right click the file in Expert workspace Project Assets and select Run AutoAnalzyer.


          Please remind me what computer operating system you are using. If Windows 7 64 bit, you should be able to go to Run/msconfig/ System Configuration and the Startup Tab and remove the check mark before Elements AutoAnalzyer.


          Please let us know the outcome.






          Add On...any signs of computer overheating for reasons other than Elements AutoAnalzyer?

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            drooling piston Level 1

            I don't use the organizer.

            I did look there as you suggested, and found the media-analysis, looked at all the options. I did not see anything like "disable auto analyzer" or "run only on demand", the options were about the analyzer looking for lighting, stability, blur and finding people.


            my computer

            windows 10 tech preview 64 bit

            3.0 GHz dual core cpu

            8 gigs ram

            2,  500 gig HD

            in a compact case    When I tell APE13 to do a rendering I remove the top cover and point a small (6 in) diameter fan into the case because it will run the cpu at 100% for over an hour.


            I did go to Task Manger > Start up tab > and disabled ElementsAutoAnalyzer13.


            I did a computer restart and it did NOT come back automatically. Now, In task manager > performance tab > the CPU now idles at about 3% and no case fan noise. so I believe that was the only issue causing things to warm up.


            I am still missing why the elements auto analyzer wants/needs to run when the program is not even opened.


            I'm not sure how much benefit (if any) all that auto analyzing is giving me while I edit video clips from my helmet camera.


            thanks for your suggestions!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              drooling piston


              Thanks for posting the outcome from the troubleshooting suggestions. Glad that disabling Elements AutoAnalzyer at the Start Up list level worked for you.


              Just in case...the typical places to shutdown the AutoAnalzyer is


              1. In the Premiere Elements Expert workspace Project Assets, right clicking the file's thumbnail there and selecting Run AutoAnalzyer. That is what I referred to as "on demand" way. "On demand" was meant to convey use it when you want to and not have it working automatically.


              2. When you import media into the Premiere Elements project, a copy of it is automatically placed in the Elements Organizer. The Elements Organizer is where you find the other shutoff place for AutoAnalzyer functions. There in the Elements Organizer workspace I pointed to Edit Menu/Preferences/Media-Analyzsis  and the options under that choice.


              Best wishes.