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    I can't import RAW files in LR4.4?


      Hi, i'm using LR4 updated to the latest version LR4.4, I tried to import my RAW pictures from my NIKON D3300 (.NEF) but I can't. it says the following;

      'The files are not recognized by the raw format support in lightroom'. What does that mean? and how do I import those RAW files in LR4?

      I can see the images preview, can't open them and can't import them. Help please?!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          First, you don't have the latest version, and you need at least Lightroom 5.4 to open these photos.


          If you don't want to upgrade (which costs money) to Lightroom 5.4, you can download the FREE Adobe DNG Converter (version 8.4 or later) and then use that software to convert your RAWs to DNG, and then import them into Lightroom 4.4.