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    Not all of Flash screen shows when testing swf


      Hello. I am creating a Flash animation with the stage settings of 1920px x 1080px. When I test my animation almost an inch around the border of the stage is cut off. It's like the animation has zoomed in. I have tried using different resolutions on my screen, but nothing changes. I have tried to make the stage dimensions smaller, but that's not working either. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?

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          kawikaheftel Level 3

          I was never able to fix it, the air simulator is hardcoded to use 240dpi and has no options to change it.  Therefore even if your screen should be big enough in pixels to show the whole window, it often will still hang off the edge of the screen.  I forget where I read that.


          In my case, I lucked out and was able to switch to a Mac and use the iOS simulator, which does allow scaling the screen.