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    Index Output files

    gthomson_ca Level 1

      I am using Robohelp 9 and when I generate my webhelp output, which of the files are the index files? I understand that the index file is the .hhk file in the project folder but where does that file go when I compile?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          It kind of depends on your settings. For example, if you have left the Single Source Layout settings at the default value where it says: Optimize Speed For. Web Site (Internet), the Index is split up into a few different files. How many? Depends on the size of your project. Basically these are XML data files used and referenced by the WebHelp JavaScript files that make it all work. I took a very tiny project and generated. The project had only four index keywords and I ended up with a total of five files. Two of them were HTML files and Three were XML.JS files.




          When I took that same project and altered the setting to Local PC or Intranet (Internal Network), I found the same files listing the index. Unfortunately, this likely isn't the best of tests, as there really aren't enough Index entries to be representative of a real situation. But in the past, I saw as many as 90 or so different XML files that composed the Index. That was using the "Web Site (Internet) setting. I'm not sure how many files would have been present had I selected the Local PC option.




          Cheers... Rick

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            gthomson_ca Level 1

            thanks for the response Rick. So you're saying it could be any number of files in the whdata, whgdata or whxdata folders that get created when compiling?


            I just assumed it would be a single file like the .hhk file in the project folder.

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That's precisely what Rick means.