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    Export CFGRID output with selected columns only to PDF




      I'm using CFGRID to display the result of a search function using a query on a page. The user may hide some columns from the CFGRID page.  Then the user exports what is shown (only selected columns) on the page.  Currently, the user can export to PDF but all columns are included. As a temporary solution, I advised the user to use PREVIEW on the page then print to Adobe Writer to create a PDF.    I spent time searching in the internet, but haven't found any solution.  There's one blog from Raymond Camden - Exporting from CFGRID | Raymond Camden's Blog, where he mentioned about ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject using CF8.  When I looked at the CF documentation, it led me that this object is using Ext JS JavaScript library, which I'm not familiar with.  I am using CF10, which seems to be using Ext 3.1 version (?).


      My question is....Is it possible to export to PDF only the selected columns from my CFGRID page?  Anyone has done it?


      Where can I find the doc of the other properties/parameters/keys for the Grid object, like getStore() which replaces getDataSource()?


      Thanks for any help.