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    Numbered captions incorrect in Table of Contents

    Henrik Callerstrand



      I am working on a book project and have a page – let's call it the "image page" – with eight images with manually typed descriptions below each. These descriptions sit in Static Captions. The captions also have a sequential numbering (1, 2, 3, 4, ...), which is automatically generated by the caption paragraph style. So far everything works just fine.


      Now I want to collect all of the captures in a Table of Contents, which works great to 99%. However, the ToC scrambles the capture sequence for a few of the 416 pages, such as my "image page". Not only are the captions listed in the wrong order – the numbers (that are correctly paired with the images on the "image page") are also mixed up so that they refer to another caption (from the same page). The ToC is set to exclude numbers, since there are already numbers in the captions.


      The ToC should display the numbering on the "image page" with its corresponding description, and thus look like this ...


      284. AAA

      285. BBB

      286. CCC

      287. DDD

      288. EEE

      289. FFF

      290. GGG

      291. HHH


      ... but instead it looks like this:


      284. AAA


      286. EEE

      287. GGG

      288. BBB

      289. DDD

      290. FFF

      291. HHH


      ... so if I wanted to look up caption CCC, I would find EEE instead. Problematic.


      In summary:

      The captions on the "image page" are correctly numbered.

      I have checked that the captions have the correct paragraph style so that the ToC can find them (which it does, but scrambled).

      I have tried cutting and re-placing the images and captions in the order that I want them numbered.

      I have updated the ToC several times.


      Why does the ToC change the caption numbering, and how can I fix it? Grateful for any tips and advice!