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    How to cycle multiple compositions

    Wiinter Level 1

      Hi everyone.  I used to use the bootstrapper created by Josh Hatwich a couple years back in order to play multiple (separate) Edge animations in sequence (one immediately after the other), but ever since updating my animations to the latest version of Edge it has had some buggy behavior.


      Rather than continue to troubleshoot and rehash this old bootstrap method, I was wondering if anyone out there has a more robust approach to this.  The idea is: you have multiple, discrete Edge compositions - each with their own stage - how would you load & play the next when the previous one has concluded?  Has anyone come across a carousel for multiple Edge animations?  It's difficult to search Google for this in particular, because anything with "Carousel" and "Edge" seems to indicate a regular carousel/rotator created IN edge for use as a slideshow - and not a mechanism for cycling Edge animations.


      The older bootstrapper now has a problem starting back at the first composition.  Also, even more recently, due to a change in how Edge handles symbols, some symbols seem out of sync once that animation has cycled through to the second play-through.  Or rather, they don't seem to start at the beginning anymore.


      Anyway, I hope this makes sense.  Thanks for your time, forum goers!