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    I have a preloader, but...

      I have an mp3 file in a Flash movie using Flash MX.

      The movie purely consists of the mp3 file and a stop and play button.

      I would like the music (or movie) to play when 50% loaded and I am searching the net to find a way.

      I already have a preloader which works perfectly using the following actionscript...but I'd like to know what to tweak in order to make the music (movie) play when 50% loaded. My current action script is as follows...

      lBytes = _root.getBytesLoaded();
      tBytes = _root.getBytesTotal();
      percentLoaded = Math.floor((lBytes/tBytes)*100);
      loader.bar._xscale = percentLoaded;
      loader.percent.text = percentLoaded + "% of " + Math.floor(tBytes/1024) + "K loaded.";
      if (lBytes>=tBytes && tBytes>0) {
      if (count>=12) {
      } else {
      } else {

      ....I know that there are other ways of playing mp3 on Flash (ie. Media Playback Component and a multitude of templates on the net) however I find that the Flash players that load the mp3 externally play at different speeds in different browers, so becuase of this I choose to have the mp3 located within the flash movie to avoid any inconsistancies amongst browsers. All I require is actionscript that makes the music (or movie) play when 50% loaded.

      I'm gonna continue to search for an answer, and if I find a solution I will update my post.


      You can see the swf file in the following htm page...

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          SymTsb Level 2
          The thing you need to remember about sound in Flash is that Flash will resample the audio to a rate it supports so either 44, 22 or 11. This way, you can use the Sound Class to load your mp3s.

          About your preloader though...

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            racky Level 1
            Thanks for the info.

            I tried the action script provided, but it didn't work...maybe I inserted it in the wrong place.

            Anyhow, I am currently trying out your other suggestion. I'm in the process of creating the mp3 with 44HZ.

            If that doesn't work (fingers crossed it will), I will have another play around with the action script.

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              SymTsb Level 2
              the conditional test should be if(percentL >= 50) sorry. was tired writing this. lol. the current test would always fail. hence the reason the code is not working.