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    My YouTube video won't play audio on phone's speakers


      Hi i created a video on premier pro and uploaded to YouTube and it play (video and audio) just fine trough the speaks of a desktop or laptop, but it wont play audio on any smart phone unless it has headphones plug into the phone. i try uploading again and again but still the problem continues.

      does anyone knows what could be the problem? thanks 

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          If your program is Premiere Pro, you have posted in the wrong forum. Somehow your thread got posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum. Please re-post your thread in the Premiere Pro forum or wait for a moderator to see your thread here and move it from here to there.

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          The Premiere Pro users should be able to co-ordinate the information that you present regarding the Premiere Pro export settings for the file and what is and is not supported by the Smart Phone.