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    Conditional Build using CLI mode

      I would like to know how can I compile a XPJ project in Command Line (CLI mode) to get two different ouputs using conditional Build Tags ? I checked the Help Files

      Usage: RHCL [-?] project [-l layout_name] [-p [server_name[:user_name:password]]
      [-o output_folder_name] [-d]

      Option Description:
      project Specifies a RoboHelp project file .xpj.
      -l Specifies a layout name.
      Primary layout is used by default.
      -p Specifies publishing server with optional username and password.
      If no server name is specified after -p, RHCL will publish the result
      to all servers that are available to the layout.
      -o Specifies output folder name.
      The layout's default output folder is used by default.
      -d Displays all layout name(s) and publishing server name(s).
      -b Generates all layouts set for batch generation in the project.
      -g Log File name.
      -?, -h Requests online help.

      There is no configuration for Conditional Tag ,

      Do I have to manually open the XPJ project in robohelp and then change the Conditional Tag and save the project. If this is the only way is it not a limitation in CLI feature ?

      Please let me know if there is any better way for the above issue ?